Our Story

The past is ever present.

The story of Historic Properties began in the 1800s at the heart of downtown Halifax as one of the oldest and most recognizable landmarks in the city. It is a must-see waterfront destination for visitors and popular resting ground for locals.

Halifax is a city shaped by the sea. Sir Edward Cornwallis, the city’s founder, came ashore in 1749 not far from Historic Properties. In the late 1700s, the area came alive as a bustling centre of commerce. Sleek schooners, majestic barquentines, and sailing ships frequented the port, carrying cargo, new settlers, and privateer plunders. Historic Properties was a hub of activity and home base for the swashbuckling privateers.

The waterfront area was heavily trafficked during the late 1700 and 1800s and there was subsequent demand for more storage space, shops, and services. Between 1800 and 1875, a collection of seven warehouse-style buildings were built and became known as the Historic Properties or Privateer’s Wharf. By the 1960s, the buildings of Historic Properties weren’t being used as much and it was thought they would be demolished. Fortunately, in 1963 the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada declared that the Historic Properties were of “national historical importance” and they were saved.

Today, Historic Properties is a balance between historic and contemporary. The spirit of Halifax is present within the site and modern restaurants, boutiques, and services offer unique local goods that can’t be found elsewhere in the city.

With its charming historic buildings, the properties are a Provincial Heritage Site housed with hundreds of years of Halifax history. At Historic Properties you will find unique shops, dining, and true east coast entertainment that will bring you back to a feeling of home and belonging, no matter your real address.

Halifax is about history. So why not start writing your story here at Historic Properties.