Our story started with a friend’s wedding. The majestically large pear tree plopped in the middle of the wedding site needed some flare. Simple little rose bowls, each with a candle, twisted into dripping wire spirals with delicate beading hanging elegantly from the branches.  The problem was, people wanted them!. That’s how we started twisting wire on just about everything we could find and sharing our creations at local artisan markets. We had so many more ideas… the only way to share them all was to create a permanent shop. We create much of our own product and believe in supporting the small business artisan. Many of our artisans have stories just like ours. Spend some time in the shop and we will share them with you! The coolest part is that most of these small businesses are run by women. 

Department: Retail
Website: www.itsposh.ca
Email: Send us a message on Facebook!
Phone: 902.425.3134
Monday-Friday 10am-8pm (open until 6pm in Winter) 
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm

 Don't know where to go? See shop map here.